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Why Vic Mensa Defends XXXTentacion Diss, Condemns “Championing Abusers”

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Vic Mensa isn’t backing down from his diss aimed at the late rapper XXXTentacion. The 2018 BET Hip-Hop Awards took place this pace weekend at The Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach. The event was star-studded, and X was awarded the Best New Artist award posthumously. His mother, Cleopatra Bernard, accepted the award on his behalf. Prior to the heartfelt moment though, Vic Mensa used his pre-recorded cypher to take a shot at X and his legacy.

DJ Scheme took to Twitter after the cypher was played for the audience, writing, “yo bro how u gone say ‘Your favorite rapper is an abuser’ and then follow it with a line saying ‘some shit X some shit so I won’t live long’ u can deny it but everyone who was there heard that shit.” The diss will be exposed to the world when the BET Hip-Hop Awards air on October 16.

Vic took to Instagram on Monday (October 8) to double down on his stance. “Protect women. Domestic & sexual abuse are not excusable because you have talent or you are troubled,” wrote Vic as the caption to a video post. In the video, the Chicago rapper does take a moment to acknowledge that he did not know X’s mother was in attendance. “It was pre-recorded weeks ago, and I had no idea that a grieving mother would be in the audience to honor her lost son,” states Vic. “I never intended to disrespect her, and I offer my deepest condolences for her loss at the hands of gun violence. However, I vehemently reject the trend in hip-hop of championing abusers and I will not hold my tongue about it.”

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