Why Machine Gun Kelly Was Booed During “Rap Devil” Performance

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In his beef with Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly thought he was going down swinging.

The Eminem vs. Machine Gun Kelly feud continues to entertain, especially in the wake of the scathing “KILLSHOT.” Despite the nearly unanimous praise for Em’s counter-riposte, Machine Gun Kelly opted to act unfazed by the retort. In fact, MGK took to Instagram to taunt Em’s attempt, uploading a picture captioned “He Missed.” The image found Gunner standing in front of a seemingly adoring crowd, who seemed to revel in the notion of flipping Eminem the bird. Yet sometimes, a picture can misrepresent the truth. According to some fans who were actually at the concert, MGK may or may not have been portraying an inaccurate narrative.

According to various tweets from those in attendance, MGK was actually met with frequent cries from the boo-birds. Some even accused the “Rap Devil” rapper of being duplicitous, tricking the audience into posing for an anti-Eminem photo; apparently, the boos started fluttering once MGK turned around to reveal his “KILLSHOT” shirt. The tweet below features plenty of first hand accounts detailing the vibe of the concert, which doesn’t exactly paint MGK in the most flattering light.

True, those slandering his good name may be undercover Stans spreading alternative facts, but it seems entirely likely that an artist of Em’s stature would have loyal fans across all genres. Peep some of the fall out from MGK’s campaign below, including footage of the alleged trickery.

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