Why John Landgraf Slams Netflix’s Own Viewership Data

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FX boss John Landgraf ripped Netflix for boasting about its ratings, saying that its viewer data that it has recently released for its programming is “not remotely accurate” and “one way or another, the truth will come out — as it always does.”

Then he gave some “truth” in the form of numbers from Nielsen that contradict what the streamer has been offering up on Twitter.

Last month, Netflix tweeted that former Lifetime series, “You” — which has moved to the streamer for its upcoming second season — was on track to hit 40 million viewers by the end of its first four weeks on the service. But that isn’t what actually ended up happening, with the drama averaging one-fifth of that in total U.S. viewers episode or 8 million sets of overall eyeballs, Landgraf told reporters during his executive session at the Television Critics Association press tour on Monday.

“Good, but not an average of 40 million viewers,” Landgraf said.

When Netflix released its viewership projections for “You,” it also gave the same 40 million viewer estimate for its new show “Sex Education’s” first month on the service. Landgraf says that data ended up being even more exaggerated.

The cable network chief added: “I just genuinely believe that the rules should be made as a common good by everyone. They have to be negotiated” and that “Silicon Valley’s attitude just really, really bothers me.”

Landgraf also revealed during the panel that Noah Hawley’s “Legion” will end with its upcoming third season and that he expects “many more cycles” of Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story” and “American Crime Story,” even though the prolific producer has moved on to his new home Netflix.

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