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Why and How Andrew Wiggins and Stephen Jackson Engage in Beef

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Former NBA swingman Stephen Jackson and Minnesota Timberwolvessmall forward Andrew Wiggins traded virtual barbs on Instagram Wednesday night.

Jackson initiated the beef when he posted a video (warning: contains profanity) telling Wiggins how he should have responded after his brother, Nick, published a since-deleted tweet that said “Hallelujah” once he saw Jimmy Butler had requested a trade.

Wiggins issued a reply on his Instagram story and referred to Jackson as a “bum ass.”

“I hope you have a good year,” Jackson said in a follow-up video posted to his Instagram. “I hope somewhere you can find some heart and find some passion for the game and have a good year. I really wish you the best.

“Old? I’m 40. Thank God, I’m happy to see 40. Bum? I ain’t never been that. You know that. I’m from the old school, bruh. I’m cut under the old law. Respect it or check it. … Say man, make sure your energy is straight when you see me, bruh. I’m pretty sure you know who I am.”

Nick Wiggins then reinserted himself into the drama in Jackson’s Instagram comments (warning: contains profanity):

Butler appeared to have some fun at Nick’s expense earlier in the day when he said, “Hallelujah…keep that same energy” during a workout video posted on Instagram.

The Timberwolves are scheduled to hold their annual media day Monday. At this rate, we can only hope both Butler and Wiggins are in attendance.

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