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Tyisha Wilbourn: Mother of newborn shot dead at Panola County gas station during argument

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 A murder investigation continues in Panola County after a young mother was killed at a gas station near Como on Friday night.

The victim, 20-year-old Tyisha Wilbourn of Tate County, had just given birth to a daughter about four weeks ago.

An investigator with the Panola County Sheriff’s Office said that two groups of people in separate cars arrived at the In A Hurry gas station on Highway 51 around 7 p.m. after an argument that possibly began somewhere else.

During the altercation, deputies confirm Wilbourn was fatally shot.

“Hard pill to swallow,” said the victim’s mother Stephanie Wilbourn.

“She was loved by many and hated by plenty. That, she was,” Wilbourn said.

Neither family members nor investigators could say if 24-year-old Capresha Presley was one of the people who hated Wilbourn, but she was charged with murder after turning herself in around midnight.

Presley had previously been arrested multiple times in Southaven on minor charges.

“I really wanted to face her and just ask her why,” Wilbourn said.

She would ask her why her daughter had to die and why her daughter’s daughter will now have to grow up never knowing her mother.

“She wouldn’t know her mother, but I got a lot of memories that I’m gonna share with her. I’m gonna raise her as me being her grandmom. I’m her grandmom,” Wilbourn said.

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