Top 10 Richest Dj in South Africa: Highest paid Dj in South Africa

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Here are the top 10 Highest paid Dj in South Africa, who happen to be the Richest Dj in South Africa. check list bellow.

  • 1. Black Coffee

Going by the birth name Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo, Black Coffee is a prominent South African DJ born in Umtata (1976). Regarded as a native of KwaZulu-Natal, Black Coffee is a professional entertainer who blends skills as an entrepreneur, singer, DJ and record producer. Though he engages in a number of activities, Black Coffee is best known as a DJ.

Many people regard him as the most popular DJ both in South Africa and across the entire African continent. Currently, he is associated with the record label Soulistic Music and since 1994, he has remained an active superstar in South Africa’s entertainment industry. Besides being South Africa’s richest DJ, Black Coffee has brandished his professional career with numerous awards such as SAMA Best Male Artist (2010), SAMA Best Urban Dance Album (2005) and Metro FM Award for Best Produced Album (2010) amongst others.

  • 2. DJ Tira

Going by the full name Mthokozi Khathi, DJ Tira is one of the richest and most prominent South African DJs. His birth came about in the South African region of KwaZulu-Natal in 1976. He is a university graduate and degree holder in human resource. With entertainment being the mainstay of his livelihood, DJ Tira has managed to make his mark especially with Afrotainment –the events company he owns and controls. As a successful DJ, DJ Tira has a number of high-selling mixtapes and albums in his gallery.

  • 3. DJ Shimza

DJ Shimza is a great figure within South Africa’s entertainment industry. He was born in 1984 in the South African region of Swaziland. He has launched a number of successful works but he is most acclaimed for Shimizu –his first album launched in 2015. He has performed across the lengths and breadths of South Africa.
Besides being regarded as a wealthy DJ, DJ Shimza is one of the South African entertainers with the massive fan base on social media. As a successful DJ, DJ Shimza has staged performances with several other prominent DJs such as Black Coffee.

  • 4. DJ Euphonik

Going by the full name Themba Mbongeni Nkosi, DJ Euphonik was born in the South African region of Mpumalanga in 1983. He is best known for blending artistic skills as a radio presenter, music producer, and DJ. DJ Euphonik is most acclaimed for his 2013 release “Cool and Deadly’’ featuring Nyanda and DJ Fresh. “Cool and Deadly’’ was named as the best on the 5FM list of Top 40 songs. As a notable artiste, DJ Euphonik boasts of several awards including Best Compilation Album –an award segment under Metro FM Music Awards.

  • 5. DJ Oskido

Born Oscar Bonginkosi Mdlongwa, DJ Oskido is a 50-year-old South African. His birth came about in the North West of South Africa. He is admired for his genres which encompass house music, Afropop, and Kwaito. Though he doubles up his career as a vigorous businessman, DJ Oskido is best known for his artistic roles as a record producer and DJ. His soaring fame (in South Africa’s music industry) may be attributed to his great achievements including being a founding member of Kalawa Jazmee Records.

  • 6. Protoculture

Going by the birth name Nate Raubenheimer, Protoculture is a renowned South African DJ and musician. He is a university graduate and degree holder in Sound Engineering. Besides being one of the richest South African DJs, Protoculture has fortified his reputation with several albums and quite a few mixtapes (about 66).

  • 7. Culoe De Song

Born Culolethu Zulu, Culoe De Song is a 27-year-old South African and native of KwaZulu Natal. He rose to popularity in 2007 and since then, he has maintained his reputation as a remarkable DJ and record producer. In the previous time, Culoe De Song was associated with Soulistic Music –a popular record label.

In 2009, Culoe De Song launched his debut album titled A Giant Leap. Meanwhile, he has followed this with several other albums including Elevation (in 2011). His third album (titled Exodus) earned him The Best Male Artist as an award segment under 2014 Metro FM Awards.

  • 8. Headroom

Headroom is one of the South African DJs with prominent local and international shows. He has performed in a significant number of international countries including Holland, Japan, Russia, Mexico, U.S.A, Brazil, England, Germany, Chile, Hungary and Belgium amongst others. In 2007, he was overwhelmed with great success which made him tour across Europe for a period of three months. Above this, he had the opportunity to travel across the world with awesome performances at events. Regarded as one of the richest South African DJs, Headroom can boast of some high-selling releases including “Sepie in the Sky’’, “Chameleon’’, “Sweet Like a Lemon’’, “The Future Begins’’ and few others.

  • 9. Mark Stent

Mark Stent is a talented South African who is best known for professional roles as a remixer, producer, and DJ. He is said to have developed a great flair for music while he was a teenager. In fact, he himself admits that he is a diehard lover of music. In view of his passion towards music, he attended Johannesburg-based Azzurri Lounge where he served as an apprentice acquiring music skills. Mark Stent –popularly dubbed The World’s Strongest DJ’’ –has made his mark with performances in notable places such as Casablanca and Chicago.

  • 10. Zaxx

Going by the full name Greg Zaccagnino, Zaxx is a growing and talented entertainer who combines skills as a DJ and producer. He is one of the richest South African DJs. As a growing DJ, he is yet to have many artistic works in his gallery. Currently, he boasts of one video and one album. Also as an expert remixer, he has about 8 remixes in his gallery. Likewise, he has several miscellaneous works including Deeper, Dazzle, Phunky, Guess Who and Illusion.

That’s all on the Top 10 Highest Paid & Richest DJs in South Africa 2018.

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