Spencer Daily: Man Arrested for fatal shooting of fellow Marine Tyler Wallingford

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Spencer Daily is a 21-year-old Marine who is in custody in connection to the fatal shooting of fellow Marine Tyler Wallingford on April 12.

Both marines were stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, in Beaufort, South Carolina, according to The Press Herald. What’s more, both marines were aircraft ordinance technicians with the Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501.

Daily has not yet been charged with any crimes in relation to the shooting. However, Lt. Kevin Buss, a spokesman for the South Carolina base, confirmed to WMTV that Daily is a suspect.

Of the situation, Buss said, “Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of our fallen Marine. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is leading the investigation.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Shooting  Allegedly Occurred in the Evening on April 12 at the Air Station

Tyler Wallingford

Wallingford was shot and killed at approximately 9:30 p.m. local time on April 12, while he was at the Air Station.

2. Daily Is Originally From Ohio; an Apparent Motive Has Not Been Determined for Wallingford’s Death

According to his Facebook, Daily originally hails from Youngstown, Ohio; his most recent Facebook activity was on March 3, when he listed a 2012 Honda Shadow VT750 for sale for $2,300. That listing has since been updated to show that it was sold.

Daily appears to have joined the Marine Corps as early as 2015, according to his Facebook photos.

Spencer Daily Facebook

Wallingford and Daily are still friends on Facebook.

3. Wallingford Was a Volunteer Firefighter on Military Leave

According to WMTV, Wallingford was from Standish Maine. He was a volunteer firefighter in Standish on military leave. He joined the fire department in 2013, and the military in 2016, according to Standish Fire-EMS Chief Rob Caron, who spoke to WMTV.

Caron said, “Tyler was a great kid with a very infectious smile.”

Wallingford’s father is also a firefighter.

4. Both Daily & Wallingford Were Corporal Status at the Time of the Incident

‌Spencer Daily in 2016

Both Daily and Wallingford were corporals at the time of the incident. A corporal is a low-ranking, noncommissioned officer below the rank of sergeant.

5. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service Is Leading the Murder Investigation

Because the murder took place on a military base, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service will be leading the investigation around the alleged murder of Wallingford.

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