Shawn Smith Cause of death: Singer, frontman for Brad and Satchel has died age 53

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Seattle-based vocalist Shawn Smith has died at age 53. The singer has performed with several bands including Pigeonhead, Satchel and Brad.

Drummer Matt Chamberlain, who has toured with Soundgarden, announced Shawn Smith’s death on Twitter. Many others, including music writer Travis Hay, have confirmed his death.

He died due to complications from diabetes. The singer was last active on his Instagram account last week.

Many fans have paid tribute to the Seattle-based singer, whose music career has spanned decades.

During his career, Shawn Smith was affiliated with the late Andrew Wood’s bands Mother Love Bone and Malfunkshun. He was also the singer of From the North/All Hail the Crown with former members of Malfunkshun.

Shawn Smith reportedly passed away on April 5 — the same day Seattle legends Layne Staley of Alice in Chains and Kurt Cobain of Nirvana died.

Shawn Smith released his first solo project in 1999. He has a prolific discography with several albums with Brad, Satchel, and Pigeonhead.

The Seattle based singer-songwriter Shawn Smith was a father and his survived by his children and music.

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