Sarbesh Gurung Dead: How 2-Year-Old Boy Found Dead

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Sarbesh Gurung is the 2-year-old boy who was reported missing in the 2400 block of W. Prairie St. on Tuesday, July 2, 2019, according to the Denton Police Department. He was found deceased on Wednesday, July 3, 2019.

After his disappearance, Denton Police immediately sought help from the public in locating the boy. During the canvases, the search party went door to door, stopped every person moving in the street, and checked sewers and drainage ditches, according to Frank Dixon of the Denton Police Department.

Sarbesh was last seen around 2 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon. However, according to Denton police, Sarbesh was found deceased Wednesday morning shortly after 6 a.m. There were no obvious signs of trauma.

The toddler was found dead in a vehicle in close proximity to where the family lived, Dixon said in a news conference. The vehicle had a shade pulled down and it was nearly pitch black inside when a family member found him, Dixon added. It is unclear how Sarbesh wound up in the vehicle, but the investigation is still ongoing.

“Our hearts go out to the family during this difficult time,” the department wrote on Facebook.

Here’s what you need to know:

Sarbesh’s Mother Was Doing Chores & When She Turned Around he Was Gone

“My son (Sarbesh Gurung) has been missing since last hour or so…He is 2 and half yrs old,” Sanjaya Gurung wrote in a post on Facebook on Tuesday afternoon.

Sanjaya asked that anyone with information regarding Sarbesh’s whereabouts contact him or his wife, Sunita. Their home is located near the UNT Rec Center.

In an update, Dixon said Sarbesh was home with his mother on Tuesday afternoon. She was doing chores in the apartment and when she turned around Sarbesh was gone. She reportedly called 911 within four minutes of realizing he was missing.

Dixon said the first 24 hours are crucial in any missing person case. The scene does not lead him to believe that there was any foul play, he added.

Denton police are requesting that anyone with any additional information call the dedicated tip line at 940-349-7960.

Sarbesh Was Last Seen Wearing a Blue and White Plaid Shirt

MISSING CHILD: Please be on the lookout for Sarbresh, a 2 year old Asian male who was reported missing in the 2400 block of W. Prairie St. It is unknown what the child was wearing at the time. If you see him, please call 911 immediately.

— Denton Police Dept (@DENTONPD) July 2, 2019

According to Denton Police, Sarbesh was said to have been wearing a blue and white plaid shirt at the time of his disappearance.

Police triple-checked the family’s apartment and the surrounding units. Investigators also talked with and assisted Sarbesh’s mother, Sunita, who is extremely upset at this time.

Dixon said their main concern was the Texas heat and that Sarbesh might have been suffering from heat exhaustion.

Sarbesh’s Family Moved to the United States From Nepal

In a video posted to Youtube by Sanjaya, Sarbesh and his older sister, Samikshya, can be seen playing together in the living room of their apartment, likely similar to Tuesday afternoon.

According to his Facebook page, Sanjaya and his family previously lived in Gorkha, Nepal. They moved to Denton, Texas, where he earned his Master’s in electrical engineering at the University of North Texas in 2009. Sanjaya went on to get his MBA in project management from Amberton University in 2016.

A friend, Anthony Kurialacherry said they are a wonderful family.

“It’s a nice little 2-year-old kid, always laughing, he always calls uncle, hey uncle, always coming next to me, very charming kid,” Kurialacherry told the outlet.

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