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Quick Facts about Catherine Iocco You need to Know

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Catherine Iocco, a Delaware woman, is accused of stealing and then burning a thin blue line flag that was placed on a bridge to honor the life of a deceased state trooper who often conducted traffic stops there.

Iocco is 21-years-old and from Wilmington, Delaware. She also goes by the name Catie Iocco. According to the Delaware State Police, after authorities made contact with the owner of the flag, “it was learned that he mounted the pole and flag to the bridge…after learning about the passing of the Delaware State Trooper. The owner wanted to honor fallen Trooper William F. Matt, who recently passed away.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Iocco Is Accused of Stealing the Flag Near a Local Bridge But a Witness Wrote Down Her License Plate

2. Iocco Is Accused of Burning & Destroying the Flag

3. Catherine Iocco Is a Registered Democrat, Barista & Photographer

4. The Flag Honored a  State Trooper Who Often Conducted Traffic Stops Near the Bridge

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