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PHOTOS: Bayonne, New Jersey Fire, 5-Alarm Fire Reported

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A large 5-alarm fire has been reported in Bayonne, New Jersey. According to Northeast Fire Buffs, scanners are indicating that this five-alarm fire is in the vicinity of 85 Andrew Street (other reports indicate 86 Andrew Street or 84 Andrew.) The fire may be affecting multiple structures in the area.

The fire is located on Andrew Street between Ave. C and JFK (onlookers have pinpointed it as being on 17th between Kennedy and C.)

The NJ Incident Alerts Twitter account noted that residents were asked to avoid the area as firefighters seek to gain control of the blaze.

A large police and fire response can be seen in the area.

Here’s another look at the fire as reported in Constable Hook, New Jersey. This report places the fire at 84 Andrew Street. According to Citizen, personnel on the scene have indicated that a building collapsed from the fire. This is still being confirmed.

The fire was first reported around 11:15 a.m. This is a developing story.

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