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Penny Pospisil Arrested: Woman Kill her boyfriend, dismembered body, lives with his decomposing corpse for months

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Penny Pospisil is a Florida woman charged with killing her boyfriend, dismembering his body, and living with his decomposing corpse for months, WPEC reports.

Pospisil, 47, was charged with second-degree murder and abuse of a dead body in the death of her boyfriend, 55-year-old Anthony Mitchell.

Mitchell’s family told police they had not heard from him since August 2018.

A neighbor at an RV park that Pospisil and Mitchell had been staying at reported a foul smell coming from their trailer but Pospisil is said to have moved the camper to different sites after the death.

Investigators discovered Mitchell’s body dismembered and in the advanced stages of decomposition after the campsite rent expired.

Mitchell is said to have died from blunt force trauma.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Penny Pospisil is Accused of Murdering Her Boyfriend

Mitchell’s family told police that they had not heard from him since August 22, 2018, WPEC reports.

Shortly after that, Pospisil began telling people that Mitchell had died.

The pair had been living at the Lake Panasoffkee RV Village but toward the end of September, Pospisil moved the camper to Wickham Park in Melbourne.

No one at Wickham Park ever reported seeing Mitchell.

Police say they believe Pospisil murdered Mitchell.

2. Neighbors Reported ‘Foul Smell’ Coming From Pospisil’s Trailer

A neighbor at the Lake Panasoffkee RV park reported a foul odor coming from Pospisil’s trailer around the time of Mitchell’s death, WPEC reported.

Pospisil moved multiple times after the death, police said, to different sites.

No one reported seeing Mitchell after she moved out of the Lake Panasoffkee RV park but neighbors at the Melbourne RV park also began to complain about the smell coming from the camper.

3. Pospisil Moved Multiple Times After Boyfriend’s Murder

Police say they believe Mitchell was killed around August 23.

Pospisil continued to live at the Lake Panasoffkee RV Village in Sumter County until late September.

She moved the camper to Melbourne where neighbors became concerned about the smell coming from the RV.

It was not until December 30 that police got a search warrant to search the trailer after being asked to perform a well-being check because Pospisil was not seen for a while and her rent was overdue.

4. Police Say Pospisil Lived With Dismembered Boyfriend’s Body For Months

Police searched the trailer on December 30.

Officers immediately discovered the foul odor that the neighbors had complained about and found Mitchell’s dismembered body inside.

Mitchell’s body was in the advanced stages of decomposition, police said.

They believe Pospisil continued to live with the body for months after his death.

5. Pospisil Was Charged With Murder & Abuse of a Human Body

After discovering the body in her trailer, police surveilled a home they believed Pospisil was staying in and arrested her when she walked out of the home on Friday.

Pospisil was charged with second-degree murder and abuse of a human body.

Police said she took “significant steps” to cover up her crime.

She was booked into the Brevard County Jail.

She is being held without bond.

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