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Patrick Crusius Photos: 21 yr old Identified as suspect in El Paso Mass shooting

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Patrick Crusius was identified as the suspect in the shooting at Walmart near Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, Texas, by the Washington Examiner. Crusius, 21, is from the Dallas/Fort Worth area and is currently in police custody.

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NBC News reports there were at least 19 people killed in the August 3 shooting with a further 40 injured. The exact number of injuries and deceased victims has not been officially confirmed. Police have also not officially confirmed the suspect’s name, saying at a press conference only that he is a white male in his 20s.

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Patrick Crusius Photos: 21 yr old Identified as  suspect in El Paso Mass shooting
Patrick Crusius Photo

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Police scanner traffic from the area suggested that Crusius was taken into custody about noon local time. The shooting began about 10 a.m., officials said. The FBI and ATF responded to the scene, alongside the El Paso Police Department and other state and local police departments.

A motive for the attack has not been officially confirmed by police, but CNN reports that an online posting that appears to have been made by the suspect is being investigated by the FBI.

There were thousands of people inside the Walmart when the shooting began, according to police.

Here’s what you need to know about Patrick Crusius and the shooting:

1. Crusius Was Taken Into Custody ‘Without Incident’

The suspect, identified by multiple sources as Patrick Crusius, was driving a grey vehicle, according to police scanner chatter. Early reports indicated the suspect had an AK47. That information was not immediately confirmed by police. Local reported Mills Hayes tweeted that the suspect was taken into custody “without incident” and that officers did not fire any shots during the arrest.

Police discussed recovering the weapon on the scanner but did not specify what type of weapon it was. At about 12:40 p.m., scanner traffic indicated that the police had recovered the weapon as well as the suspect’s car.

Patrick Crusius Photos: 21 yr old Identified as  suspect in El Paso Mass shooting

Miguel Rodriguez, a witness, told The Daily Beast the gunman, “started shooting everyone, aisle by aisle, with rage.”

Witnesses told CBS 4 News that the suspect possibly stopped shooting because he ran out of ammunition.

Scanner chatter was focused on Walmart at the Cielo Visa mall. Police also said on the scanner they were sending officers in to complete “tactical searches” in the mall.

Crusius has not yet been charged. It is not clear if he has hired an attorney.

2. Crusius Once Wrote on LinkedIn That He Was Not Motivated to Do Anything Other Than to Get By

Crusius wrote on his LinkedIn page in 2015 that he was not motivated to do anything other than enough to get by. Shortly after the shooting on August 3, that page was deleted. Crusius said on that page that he attended Plano High School. Plano is located near Crusius’ family home in Allen, Texas, and is about 650 miles away from El Paso.

He wrote in the About section of the page, “I’m not really motivated to do anything more than what’s necessary to get by,” he wrote on the page. “Working in general sucks, but I guess a career in Software Development suits me well. I spend about 8 hours every day on the computer so that counts as technology experience I guess. Pretty much gonna see what technology careers present themselves; go with the wind.”

When writing about his life in high school, Crusius said that he did not participate in extracurricular activities because of “lack of freedom.” A Facebook page that shows the suspect’s face as the profile image shows no biographical information or recent postings. On that page, Crusius has three visible friends.

CBS Dallas/Fort Worth’s J.D. Miles reports that the suspect “possibly graduated” from Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas.

3. A Manifesto Purporting to Be From the Shooter Has Been Circulating on 8Chan

Reporter Scott Stedman has tweeted that he had told the FBI that a manifesto which was purported to be from the suspect had been circulating on 8Chan. Stedman said that the FBI is treating the manifesto seriously. 8Chan is a controversial message board that has been described as “the home of the most vitriolic content on the internet” by Vox.

That manifesto, which has been seen by but not verified as belonging to the suspect, makes negative references to Hispanic immigration into the U.S.. It criticizes both major political parties in the U.S., but the writer stresses that he supports some in the Republican Party in terms of immigration policies. The writer also makes reference to alleged Christchurch mosque shooter, Brenton Tarrant.

The manifesto appears to have been posted before the first reports of the shooting. It includes details that match up with what happened at the El Paso Walmart.

Crusius’ Facebook page was deleted after the shooting. A Twitter account under his name has not been confirmed to belong to him.

The Facebook page was seen by Heavy before it was taken down. It included just one photo, the profile picture at the top of this article, and no other posts or details about the suspect. He had only three friends, including his twin sister. The other two friends were a man and woman whose connection to Crusius was not immediately known.

4. Crusius’ Last Known Address Was in Allen, Texas

Public records show Crusius’ last known address was his family’s home in Allen, Texas, about 30 minutes outside of Dallas and more than 9 hours away from El Paso. It is not clear if he has any connections to the El Paso area. Crusius appeared to have lived with his parents and also has a twin sister and older brother, according to public records. Crusius’ family has not commented about the shooting.

GettyEl Paso Police Department Sgt. Enrique Carillo briefs media on the shooting.

The exact number of victims was not immediately confirmed. Some reports indicated there were 18 to 20 deceased victims. Reports indicated local hospitals were flooded with victims. The El Paso Police Department issued a plea via Twitter for blood donations in the wake of the shooting saying, “Blood needed urgently. Multiple injured transported to various hospitals. Blood donation centers Vitalent Blood Services at 424 s Mesa Hills and 133 N Zaragoza.”

The number of victims was described as “shocking” by Rep. Veronica Escobar.

“Rep. Veronica Escobar on CNN says she won’t confirm the number of fatalities from the mass shooting in El Paso, but that the number is ‘shocking,’” Reporter Sandra Gonzalez wrote on Twitter.

5. A Second Person Has Been Taken Into Custody at the Scene

NBC News reports that a second person was taken into custody at the scene of the shooting. It is unclear what that person had been arrested for. Throughout the day there had been erroneous reports on social media of multiple shooters and of multiple shooting scenes. Police later said that following the arrest of Crusius, there was no further threat.

Statements from government officials quickly poured in on Twitter following the attack.

“In El Paso, the Texas Dept. of Public Safety is assisting local law enforcement & federal authorities to bring this tragedy to the swiftest & safest possible conclusion,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott wrote. “We thank all First Responders for their courageous response & urge all area residents to remain safe.”

Beto O’Rourke also wrote about the shooting on Twitter.

“Truly heartbreaking. Stay safe, El Paso,” he wrote. “Please follow all directions of emergency personnel as we continue to get more updates.”

President Trump tweeted, “Terrible shootings in ElPaso, Texas. Reports are very bad, many killed. Working with State and Local authorities, and Law Enforcement. Spoke to Governor to pledge total support of Federal Government. God be with you all!”

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