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How to watch Game of Thrones season 8 free: US and UK online streaming details

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It’s been two years since Jon Snow trended on Twitter, but at last, the Long Night is over. The countdown to season 8 has almost come to an end. Game of Thrones returns to HBO and Sky Atlantic with its eighth and final season tonight.

While it may bring a tear to your eye, at least your Mondays will now be filled with some fire-breathing, white-walker fighting excitement for the next two months.

With schedules already cleared and parties planned, here’s everything you need to know about this year’s most anticipated cultural event.

What time does Game of Thrones air in the US?

Fans in America can tune into each episode of Game of Thrones on HBO at 9pm Eastern time on Sunday, April 14 (tonight!)

How to watch Game of Thrones season 8 free

How to watch Game of Thrones season 8 free: US and UK online streaming details
How to watch Game of Thrones season 8 free: US and UK online streaming details


There are two options to stream directly from HBO itself — the version you can use depends on if you subscribe to HBO through a traditional cable package or as a standalone service.


Those who subscribe to HBO through a cable or satellite package can stream Game of Thrones live or on demand via the HBO Go service. The HBO Go app is available on most phones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. Check if your device is supported at HBO’s Help Center.

Stream Game of Thrones on HBO Go.


Cord cutters can still watch HBO on the network’s own platform. HBO Now is a standalone service, so it doesn’t require a cable subscription or another streaming platform; you stream directly from the HBO Now website or app. A one-week free trial is available — after that it’s $14.99 per month.

Stream Game of Thrones on HBO Now.


Many streaming services allow users to add HBO to your subscription for an extra monthly fee, with the exception of DirecTV which includes HBO. Subscribing through a digital streaming service also includes access to HBO Now.


In addition to the TV shows and movies available free to Prime members, Amazon offers add-on premium subscriptions through the Amazon Channels program. The HBO add-on costs $14.99 per month (the same as HBO Now). Most devices allow live streaming from the Amazon Prime Video app, but check Amazon’s official list if you’re worried about it.

Stream Game of Thrones on Amazon Channels.


Hulu also offers an HBO add-on for $14.99, which allows live HBO streaming whether or not you subscribe to Hulu’s live TV subscription tier. It’s important to note that the Hulu app for PlayStation 4 doesn’t allow any live streaming. PS4-based Hulu users aren’t out of luck though. As noted above, subscribing via Hulu also grants access to HBO Now, so you can stream live through the PlayStation HBO Now app.

Stream Game of Thrones on Hulu.


Sony’s own TV subscription service, PlayStation Vue, is another option. HBO is available as an add-on to a multichannel package or as a standalone subscription. It costs $14.99 per month either way. The PlayStation Vue Ultra package, which costs $79.99 per month, includes HBO and Showtime.

Stream Game of Thrones on PlayStation Vue.


AT&T’s streaming service is the only subscription that includes HBO at its base level, though at $50 per month it’s the most expensive plan on the market. Because DirecTV Now operates more like a traditional cable package, subscribers have access to HBO Go, rather than HBO Now.

Stream Game of Thrones on DirecTV now.

So when can I watch it in the UK?

At the rather uncivilized hour of  2am on April 15, the episode will be simulcast in the UK. It being Sunday, you’d be better off going to bed at a normal time, staying well clear of Twitter (and any mad friends who, armed with Pro Plus and RedBull, barely slept a wink), and waiting for Monday evening, when the episode runs again at 9pm.

While it may be hard to resist the temptation of being the first to watch it at 2am, at least for the next few weeks you’ll actually have some motivation to get out of bed on a Monday morning. Just think… you can enjoy watching Jon Snow on your TV screens, glass of wine in hand, every Monday night for the few weeks (here’s praying he survives the Night King every episode!)

How can I watch in the UK?

On Sky Atlantic and NOW TV. So if you haven’t already got one of these TV packages, it’s time to sign up (or invite yourself round to a friend’s for dinner. Whether they actually watch the series is irrelevant, just come armed with a good bottle of red.)

Or, simply read a review of each episode, from Winter Is Coming to The Dragon and the Wolf.

How many episodes are there to watch?

For fans who seethed with anger at the last series’ measly seven episodes (down from the customary ten), series eight delivers yet another blow. The shortest series yet, there will be only six episodes.

What is each episode length?

On the plus side, each episode will be up to 80 minutes long, with HBO CEO Richard Plepler saying every episode feels cinematic.

The first episode will be the shortest length at 54 minutes, while the penultimate episode and the finale will last 80 minutes long.

The final episode will air on May 19, but let’s try our best not to think that right now

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