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I got this letter from a Facebook post just now and I decided to share with the entire nation.

It is a very funny letter from a angry Nigerian citizen but it is the plain truth.

Read the letter bellow and don’t forget to share with friends, so so funny..

Letter to Mr President

Mr President,
I greet you in the name of your favourite drink, it could be kunu or Fura, who knows? I write this piece to totally stand by you. Without any iota of doubt, Nigerian youths are very lazy.
Mr President, let’s use kogi as a Case study. If you get to okene especially from 6PM, you will see young men and women passionately doing business. These are young people from Sudan or Japanese.
Mr President, let’s consider the transport sector, from keke to taxi to AKTC, young Senegalese men are working morning till night to make ends meet.
If you get to our traffic lights, you will find young Canadians hawking sausage roll, soft drinks, rat poison and what have you. Some young Liberians even forcefully wash your windshield so they could get small cash from you…
Mr President, If you get to our schools, Young Zambians are working as teachers and they earn as little as less that 20k just because they don’t want to stay idle as Nigerians.
Mr President, should I mention our hospitals where Young Cameroonians and Egyptian Doctors, nurses and Pharmacists are working?
Mr President, let’s not even talk about Lagos, Nnewi, Aba and other Nigerian towns that South Africans and Moroccans have taken over.
Mr President, walk into our banks and you will see smartly dressed, hardworking Togolese men who work 7 to 7 to make ends meet.
Finally Mr President, with all due respect, I for say you no get sense, but home training I got from my Lazy parents won’t allow me.
Do accept the assurances of my Highest regards.
We work so hard to get our PVC so we will use it wisely in 2019…
Yours in Laziness

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