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Downtown Los Angeles Shooting: Female shooter at large after gunning down at least four people in California

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There are reports of a mass shooting in downtown Los Angeles near Skid Row, with preliminary reports indicating there might be four victims.

The suspect and motive have not yet been identified. However, NBC journalist Andrew Blankstein wrote on Twitter, “Multiple Victim Shooting in Downtown Los Angeles: Now total of 4 victims. Reported just after noon at 5th & San Julian Streets in Skid Row area. No update on suspect, reported to be unidentified woman.”

Although the conditions and identities of the victims were not specified, they did not suffer life-threatening injuries, KTLA reported. The shooter was still at large on the afternoon of August 22, 2019.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Shooting Broke Out in Broad Daylight

Police said the shooting broke out around 12:14 p.m. near skid row in the area of 5th and San Julian streets. Two of the victims were also female, according to KTLA-TV.

According to KTLA, squad cars were seen next to a tent. The motive was not yetclear. The victims were taken to the hospital, but their exact conditions were not yet known, according to CBS.

The Union Rescue Missions defines Los Angeles skid row as follows: “There may be several definitions of the boundaries of Skid Row, but the one we see to be most accurate and widely accepted is 3rd and 7th Streets, to the North and South, and Alameda and Main, to the East and West, respectively.”

The site explains, “This 54-block area in downtown Los Angeles became Skid Row in the late 1800s — which was when Union Rescue Mission first opened its doors. This particular area was an ideal congregating spot for hobos, aimless rail riders, transient workers, and people running away from past lives because it was the last stop on the train for the whole country.” explains, “Skid Row is an area of approximately 50 square blocks located just east of downtown Los Angeles. Also known as Central City East, the area has a longstanding history as a residential neighborhood for those with the least.” You can read more about the history of Skid Row here.

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