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The 10 Disgusting and Bad Things about Nigerian Man

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I Found This Post interesting and want to share with you today, the 10 Disgusting and bad Things about a Nigerian Man, You will love the post too. honestly!!!

Disclaimer: This post is not to insult anyone, it’s just based in the few observations I’ve made and it doesn’t also apply to every Nigerian guy. So take a moment to read before you release your venom(if this write up refers to you).

10 Bad Things about Nigerian Man

1) He is broke: The average Nigerian guy is Broke! Yes. It’s either he has no job or he has a ridiculously low paying job. As a result of this, when their girlfriends make demands on them, they come on Nairaland to pour their anger and frustration over their inability to meet these demands. They tag them as hungry, money loving, gold digging sluts. And one way to know the jobless ones is that they spend a lot of time online on various social websites and it leaves one wondering when they actually work. The answer simply is, they have no jobs!

2) He is most probably a fůck boy : Most Nigerian dudes are fůck boys. You just meet a guy and you’ve barely talked for two days and he’s already asking for nudes, like, Wth?? Or he’s already trying to initiate a *** chat. That’s how one of my friends got introduced to a guy online by a mutual friend. They had barely talked for a week and the goat was already asking her for X-rated Skype video Calls! Hian! You see them on social media, sending PMs,sliding into DMs, inboxing on Facebook to different girls hoping to get lucky with one of them. And from a lot of stories I’ve heard on NL, they want nothing but *** once they meet a hot girl. They strategise and plan all sorts of ways of luring a girl in to their homes on order to have their way with her. Guys, please stop this fůck boy behaviour of yours, don’t try to get into a ladies panties without first trying to get into her heart.

3) He is polygamous in nature : “All Nigerian men Cheat! ” This was implied proudly by one body builder who didn’t want to get his ex back but still impregnated his ex girlfriend whilst still married to his celebrity wife. I can’t count the number of times I’ve come across that statement both online and offline. I don’t know if nigerian guys should be given a pat on the back for admitting their ‘weakness’ and saving lots of girls from heartache and high blood pressure from wondering if their boyfriends are faithful or not as they would already know there’s another chick somewhere, or if they should be shot in the head for admitting such foolishness. And it amazes me that they always admit this with a tinge of pride. Well, it’s up to you. It seems the spirit of our polygamous forefathers have not left the Nigerian men as they cannot cope with having just one woman in their life. Smh

4) Thinks he is God’s gift to women : He thinks you’re lucky to have him as there are several other girls that would kill to be in your place , therefore you should be grateful to God almighty for making you find such rare treasure like him undecided. He thinks he is the black adonis fallen from heaven. He thinks you are highly fortunate to have someone like him and most of this time, they ain’t worth shįt angry Girls, please find someone who would appreciate you, not someone that would depreciate your value

5) Poor Personal hygiene: Nigerian guys Stink! I don’t know if they think it’s manly to walk around looking unkempt and smelling nasty but please, that’s an archaic way of thinking as we’re in the 21st century. Nothing turns most ladies on more than a well groomed, nice smelling man. Most nigerian dudes have terrible body odour and bad breath. Please please and please deodorant or body spray is not that expensive. For those of you who actually take your bath, you should also think of deodorising as you tend to sweat a lot and bathing will not be enough to mask unwanted odours. You don’t have to use expensive perfumes to smell good, no one is asking you to be a metro***ual, just practise simple hygiene and you’re good to go. And please, it’s not a crime to change your boxers and socks everyday instead of repeating them and creating horrific odours

6) Would most definitely cheat on you: Do I really need to talk about This? Number 3 has explained this.

7) Super inflated ego : All men tend to be egotistical, there’s nothing wrong with that but when you have a super inflated ego, there’s a problem. Yes, these group of men feel that we ladies should worship the ground they walk on and if that they leave us, that would be the end of our lives. They are very proud, arrogant and they tend to look down on ladies. They would never call you first, they believe you should be the one scrambling for their attention, you dare not argue or disagree with them If not your own had finished. In fact, it remains for you to start calling them ‘sir’.

8) A big, fat liar: How do you know when a Nigerian guy is Lying? The answer is, when his lips are moving! Even the devil is flabbergasted at the way these men lie. They lie about everything and most especially when they are cheating on you. They can also deny for Africa, even when they are caught red handed. You see some very steamy and compromising text messages he sent to another girl and they swear to you it’s their sister.

9) Take you for granted: They tend to take their women for granted. They feel the average nigerian woman is a desperate gold digger looking for a man to ensnare into marriage. They don’t know that you should be loved, respected, appreciated, treated like a queen that you are.. Instead, they disrespect, violate, abuse and demean their women. It’s a pity indeed.

10) Very immature : Finally, they could be so immature! I always shake my head in disgust when I see grown ass men behaving like babies. What would make a grown ass man who has gone through formal education and the four walls of a university do immature things like releasing the nudes of an ex (again, fůck boy syndrome), beat up a woman, ask his babe to return everything he got her while they were dating after they break up. Like Seriously?? Just because they might have a joystick and they grow beards doesn’t mean they are mature individuals. They are just kids in adult clothing.

In conclusion, I did not do this to offend anyone oh, just for you guys to get a taste of your own medicine when you open your numerous female bashing threads and rain all sorts of profanities on nigerian girls. smiley no one is perfect, even we ladies have our own imperfections.
Note: feel free to insult the Op, get offended, spew profanities,have hypertension because of this post. You’re all welcome smiley

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