Cupcakke: Facts to Know about Chicago-based rapper, Tried to kill herself

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Cupcakke, the Chicago-based rapper, is alive after being hospitalized following a suicidal threat she posted to her official Twitter page. The alarming tweets first appeared on Cupcakke’s page, where she goes by the moniker Marilyn ManHOE on the night of January 7. Cupcakke wrote, “Im about to commit suicide.” An hour after posting that message, Cupcakke, real name Elizabeth Eden Harris, 21, posted a screenshot of the tweet to Instagram. In the caption for that picture, Cupcakke wrote, “Thank you for everything y’all have done for me I really appreciate it.”

Comedian Elijah Daniel tweeted at 2 a.m. on January 8, “Police not able to give me anymore details other than Elizabeth is OKAY and at the hospital.” Cupcakke’s management has yet to make an official statement about the rapper’s condition.

Cupcakke first gained fame in 2012 thanks to her hyper-sexualized mixtapes. In 2015, her songs “Vagina” and “Deepthroat,” went viral via WorldStarHipHop. Her debut album, “Audacious,” was released in 2016, that was followed by “Queen Elizabitch in 2017, and two albums, “Ephorize,” and “Eden,” in 2018. Cupcakke has a vocal and passionate LGBTQ fanbase.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Prior to Tweeting the Suicidal Message, Cupcakke Tweeted, ‘Nothing Feels Better Than This’


Cupcakke is regularly active on her Twitter account, in both promoting her music and writing personal messages. Her first message on January 7 read, “Nothing feels better than this.” Later that day, Cupcakke tweeted, “The first sign you get of someone abusive, you run for good and never turn back.” Cupcakke then retweeted a person who had retweeted her original message. The retweet, from user @_Queeniee_, read, “NEVER TURN BACK!! these will really kill you. It is not a game.”

2. Cupcakke Said in a 2018 Interview That She Felt the Media Focused on Her Sexual Imagery Too Much

Cupcakke said in a 2018 interview with The Fader that she felt the media had focused too much on her sexual imagery. Cupcakke mentioned her belief that if she posted a “serious song” to YouTube, it would get around 50,000 views. Although, “As soon as I do something sexual, it’s going to get millions of views.” Cupcakke goes on to say that despite this, she won’t change her style for anyone.View this post on Instagram

Cupcakke then goes on to talk about wanting to work with Rihanna, “because of her sexuality,” and Chance the Rapper, “because he’s independent.” Cupcakke adds that she would sign with a major label with an offer of $10 million or more. She adds, “I don’t want no $250,000 advance. I’m not impressed by none of that.” In one Instagram caption, the photo showed Cupcakke covered in chocolate and sprinkles, she wrote, “Made him wait for this Pussy like new Rihanna music.”

3. Cupcakke Went to School With Chief Keef & Calls Him ‘Really Nice’ & ‘Sweet-Hearted Guy’

Cupcakke told the New Yorker magazine in January 2017 that she grew up on the south side of Chicago and attended elementary school with Chief Keef and Lil Reese. In a 2016 interview with Complex, Cupcakke said of Keef, “He was a great guy. I don’t know what he is now, but before the fame he was a really great guy. He was sweet, he was really popular. We went to a school called Dulles. He was really nice, sweet-hearted guy.”

Cupcakke told Out Magazine, “I grew up on 63rd and King Street in Chicago, right across the street from Parkway Gardens. I went to school with Chief Keef. It’s a rough neighborhood. There’s nothing good to say about the area.”

In a separate interview with Rolling Stone, Cupcakke said that she began writing poetry at the age of 14 saying, “It was strictly about God.” After a friend convinced her to begin turning her poetry into rap, she was getting 10,000 views on YouTube. Cupcakke mentioned in an interview with Complex that her early poetry was “all clean poetry, totally clean. No bad language, violence, or anything like that.”

Cupcakke went on to talk about spending years growing up in homeless shelters This helped Cupcakke relate to her fans, telling Rolling Stone, “When an artist puts out music, the fans are providing. That’s how I look at it. hat could be the last 99 cents in their pocket to pay for your single. If they are able to give you that and tweet you to say ‘I’m homeless’ or ‘I need money for school,’ you should be able to give it back.’”

4. Cupcakke Has Said the Message of Her Music Is to ‘Always Stay Positive’

Cupcakke was asked by Out in March 2017 what the overall message of her music was, she replied, “The message? There are a lot of messages. I can’t even think of one exact message, but I will say: Be you and who you are and always stay positive.” Cupcakke concluded the interview by saying, “I want the LGBT community to know that I love them so much.”

Cupcakke wrote a “love letter” to the LGBTQ community in June 2017 saying in part, “I recently wrote a song called “LGBT” for the LGBT community, stating nothing more or nothing less but it’s okay to be you. Don’t hide your truth. If coming out to someone makes them love you less, just know that I love you.” One of the lyrics in her song, “LGBT,” Cupcakke raps, “F*** out my way when you see me, I’m rollin’ with the LGBT!… Shout out to my bi’s you ain’t got pick a side… Don’t judge a lesbian because she don’t want you back, man.”

Buzzfeed reported in February 2017 that Cupcakke had paid for a hotel for a 17-year-old gay fan from San Antonio who had been kicked out of his parents’ home because of his sexuality.

5. Cupcakke Has Received an Outpouring of Support From Celebrities & Fans


As news of Cupcakke’s tweet spread across social media, celebrities including Kathy Griffin and Iggy Azalea, have tweeted their support for the rapper. Here are some of the most poignant messages of support:

When Cupcakke dropped out of a tour with Iggy Azealea, it was rumored the pair had a beef. Cupcakke squashed this in a November 2018 interview with Rolling Stone saying, “I respect Iggy. It wasn’t Iggy’s fault… It wasn’t like I pulled out because I had something else to do. They dropped 80% of my pay.” Cupcakke said that the deal with LiveNation would see her net $5,000 per show when she had been promised more than $300,000 for the tour.

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