Carla Stefaniak: Facts to know about Woman kidnapped in Costa Rica

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Carla Stefaniak, of Miami, who Vanishes While Celebrating Her Birthday was set to return home after celebrating her 36th birthday in Central America, Burton, Stefaniak’s sister-in-law left Costa Rica on Tuesday, a day earlier than when she was scheduled to return.

BREAKING: Missing Carla Stefaniak Body found, Half-buried and Covered in Plastic Bags 

Here is what we gather about Carla Stefaniak:

How did Carla Stefaniak Got Missing?

Photos from Missing Carla Stefaniak Birthday party

Photos from Missing Carla Stefaniak Birthday party

After dropping off Burton on Tuesday, Stefaniak paid an Uber driver to give her a tour around San Jose, her family said. She then called a friend and told them she was going to ask one of the guards at the Airbnb she was staying at to buy her a bottle of water – it was the last time Stefaniak’s family or friends heard from her.

The Airbnb owner told Stefaniak’s family she was last seen getting into an Uber with her luggage on Wednesday at around 5 a.m.

What happen to Carla Stefaniak?

The family of Carla Stefaniak, tells 8 On Your Side’s Gabrielle Shirley the investigating agencies in Costa Rica have found new evidence that she was kidnapped.

Authorities said they can not discuss the details. They also believe the authorities have some sort of surveillance video in their possession.

Carla lives in Hallandale Beach but she spent about 10 years in Tampa.

More Info about Carla Stefaniak Where about

A body that was found on a property in Costa Rica on Monday was confirmed to be that of Carla Stefaniak.

Stefaniak was discovered half-buried and covered in plastic bags on the property of an Airbnb villa where she was staying for her 36th birthday, Costa Rican officials said.



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