California Wildfires Death Toll: Here’s How Many Have Died?

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California Wildfires Death:

Death toll jumps to 25 in California’s worst-ever wildfires.

California was ablaze this weekend — with massive, fast-spreading wildfires claiming 25 lives, while forcing a quarter-million people from their homes, including in celebrity-thronged Malibu, according to reports.

In the north, near Sacramento, flames left homes and cars reduced to smoking rubble, while in the south, lines of fire bore down on more houses as billowing, dense smoke filled the sky.

Wildfires have torn through much of Northern California, leaving ruin in their wake. Over 250,000 people have been forced to evacuate as a result of the three major wildfires burning through California. The flames have taken nine lives as of Saturday morning.

[Note*: This post will be updated as new information is available.]

The nine victims have yet to be identified. Some lives were taken in cars, while others were near or inside their homes, according to 10 News. All of the deaths resulted from the Campi Fire in the area of Paradise, California.

Firefighters have struggled to maintain the fires. At this time, forecasters predict the intense winds and low humidity will fuel the blazes even more.

In Southern California, the Woolsey Fire has destroyed over 6,000 homes. All of Malibu has been ordered to leave under a mandatory evacuation Friday. Evacuations are in effect in a number of communities of Ventura County, incluidng Westlake Village, Hidden Hills, Calabasas, Oak Park, Thousand Oaks, and Agoura Hills.

It is believed the Woolsey fire, which started Thursday afternoon, began in eastern Ventura County, near the former Rocketdyne research facility. It pummeled through Bell Canyon before tearing through Agoura Hills, Oak Park, and Thousand Oaks.

President Trump, on Saturday morning, threatened to pull federal funding if California cannot “remedy” the situation. On Friday, the president approved an emergency declaration for the state, but within hours, he warned he may not take the same actions in the future.

Lady Gaga, Cher, Scott Baio, Kim Kardashian, Scott Derrickson, and Guillermo del Toro are just a handful of the celebrities who fear their homes will be engulfed by the flames.

On Thursday, the historic Paramount Ranch, known to many as a filming location on HBO’s ‘Westworld’, was destroyed in the blaze. In Thousand Oaks, a recreation center, where survivors were griving the innocent lives taken during the shooting at the Borderline Bar & Grill on Wednesday night, burned to the ground. 80%-90% of homes in Paradise, north of Sacramento, have been destroyed.

One woman, Whitney Vaughan, told CNN of her Paradise home, “The flames were whipping and spreading so fast… It began to jump the road. There wasn’t anywhere to go.”

The fire has become the most destructuve in the state’s modern history. Capt. Scott McLean of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said of the blaze near Paradise, “Pretty much the community of Paradise is destroyed. It’s that kind of devastation.”

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