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Wenger Support Ozil to Blast Thierry Henry and others in a Very Angry Mannar

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Arsene Wenger has hit back at Thierry Henry and the other Arsenal legends who have criticised him and the club.
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has blasted the club’s outspoken legends and insisted none of them were perfect either.
Former Gunners Ian Wright, Thierry Henry, Lee Dixon, Paul Merson and Martin Keown have all launched stinging attacks on current players and performances.

Wenger said: “I always have problems understanding what a legend is and isn’t. I’ve had all the players here, but they all had their weaknesses as well.
“They had their weak games as well, and their weak behaviours as well. Nobody was perfect.
“We have to take a distance with that as well, focus on our performance and not be dragged into any animosity.
“We are all grateful for what they have done for the club, but what matters is always the players on the pitch who can defend the pride of the club.”
Meanwhile, Arsenal stars Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez have both taken to social media to defend themselves.
Former Arsenal defender Keown has severally criticized Ozil, Merson has been particularly critical while Wright called Arsenal an “absolute shambles” and claimed watching Wenger was like witnessing Muhammad Ali in decline.

It has been a disastrous start to the season for Arsenal after two defeats in their opening three games, and they now face a huge game against Bournemouth.

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