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Wenger Finally delivers updates on Sanchez Deal

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The back and forth around the transfer of Chilean striker, Alexis Sanchez is far from over. While it was previously thought that Sanchez is heading to Manchester City, there was a fresh twist when United came into the picture with a money and player add-on offer.Arsene Wenger was extensively quizzed about the Chile international on Friday, and the interest being shown in him by Manchester United and Manchester City.Though the French gaffer claims, there is nothing concrete for now, his disposition gives room for believing that Sanchez could be a ‘Gonener’ by the end of January. “Look, I don’t question Alexis’ passion. When he’s on the football pitch he wants to win, he’s committed.” Wenger began as he stoutly defended Sanchez’s output for Arsenal in recent weeks.

He continued: “I had many conversations about him and we talked about the fact that people are always observing you with a microscope when you’re on a short-term contract, but I’ve never questioned his professional attitude when he’s on the football pitch. Alexis wants to win. When he shows frustration, it’s because we didn’t win.”

When put on the spot, if Man United are interested in signing Alexis. Wenger quipped: “Look, honestly I cannot tell you much more at the moment about this situation. Nothing is really concrete at the moment.

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