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How to track Tstv channels Easily – All You Need To Know

The Beginner Guide on How to track Tstv signal Easily. How to track Tstv satellite position Easily with strong decoder, Tstv Frequency, Tstv satellite position and More.

First of All we Want to Give a special Thanks to Lemmy Morgan for Sharing This Wonderful Tutorial all credit (photo, video and text) goes to Him for this Details provided. Indeed this is a useful Article…. You can always Get more help on any Satellite related issues on

Tracking Tstv signal easily the requirements

Tracking Tstv Signal easily
Tracking Tstv channels easily, Tracking Tstv Signal easily IMAGE CREDIT: LEMMYMORGAN

Below, are the necessary requirements for tracking TstV. These are indispensable pre-requisites without which you will fail to track it. This is relevant for now until at least the signal is improved.

  • First off, determine if you can even get the tstv Africa’s beam/signal in your country/state/city. This article here will help you with it. Just make sure you visit the link with your resources and not with a VPN
  • Use a location that is devoid of obstruction/interference. At least making sure there is none in view. You have a zero chance of receiving TSTV signal if there is an obstruction.
  • Secondly, get a minimum of a 90cm dish. I will recommend you go with a 1 meter(100cm) dish if you are new to satellite tv installation
  • Furthermore, you need to buy an FTA decoder. There are as many FTA/standalone decoders out there as there are STB manufacturers. The list is endless. Let me give you a non-exhaustive list. A Strong 4669x decoder or newer. I recommend 4920 and newer because 4920 is an HD decoder. In addition, you can use just about any FTA HD decoder. For example Qsat, Azsky g6, Gsky all models, freesat, super esat, tiger decoder all models, alphabox, dreambox, openbox, HDtech and so on
  • You need a good stafinder like Freesat or satlink. You can even use the ever reliable Bluetooth sat finder. In the absence of a capable and tested sat-finder, please use a strong decoder to do the tracking. I will advise you use a strong decoder. The best strong decoder for tracking still remains 4663x and 4669x. These two attracts high signal strength and they are especially good for satellite with weak signals

Read Here The Information on Tracking Tstv Dish Easily 

Guide In Tracking Tstv channels easily


  • Assemble your dish and set up your decoder or sat finder.
  • You need to use merrybet TP to track The tracking TP for merrybet is “11.168 or 11.167 H 30.000”. I will give you a hint. TSTV is very close to MBC 7w. If you are new to installation, you can read my article here on how to track canalsat 22w. Also, you can use a compass to determine whether you are facing the east or west. DStv is on the east meaning your tstv Africa dish must face the opposite of tstv, Startimes, Mytv or any other satellite in the east.
  • Select just any satellite name and enter the above TP manually. The satellite name and degree doesn’t really matter when you are tracking. What matters more is the Frequency, symbol rates and the polarization.
  • Skew your LNBf to like 4 or 5 ‘0’clock when facing the dish as shown below
  • Keep toggling/ adjusting your dish until you hit green. Make sure your signal strenght is equals to or higher than 67% on 11168 h 30000.
  • Immediately you hit that percentage, change the TP to 11088 h 3000. On this tp you should get a signa that is plus or minus 60%. If this is not the case, please track the  satellite some more.
  • Finally, change the frequency to 11052 to ensure it also has a good signal.
  • In my case, i have 72% on 11168, 62 \% on 11088 and 62% on 11052. All thse happnes within a liitke less thna 20 minutes.

How to track tstv signal with strong decoder

Tips on decoder set up

Goto the Menu of your decoder then select installation. Enter 0000 as the password. look for any satellite name with 3w it doesn’t have to be named ABS. On Qsat, you can use Amos 2/3/4 4w. other have it as SES 6. Just choose any satellite that equals to or close to 3W and blind scan.


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