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Shatta Wale and Mr Eazi release a new song titled “haters”

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Shatta Wale and Mr Eazi have addressed their critics in a new song titled “Haters”, and you can be sure one or two people won’t be happy about this one. With success comes hate, and Shatta Wale is one of the most successful people in the game. From rivalries with other artists, to comments in the [irp]media, he knows a thing or two about haters. Mr Eazi, meanwhile, is blowing up like nobody else. When you’re that big, you simply cannot trust everybody and it’s no surprise that he also wants to take a chance to talk to those who want to see him fail. And so the two combined to release a new song called [irp]“Haters”. From what we can already tell, it’s got the potential to go viral. The one biggest advice we can give to anyone from this song is “I watch no one, I continue my race”. Shatta and Eazi are giving us advice here: Don’t let “Haters” distract you. Unless we’re talking about this song!

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