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See The Top 10 Most Expensive Teams in The World

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Sports has been a high attraction to people of all ages and all regions around the world. Soccer, cricket, football, baseball, basketball and many other games stand on top of the table with respect to the interest shown by the people.

This list enlists the world rankings of the The Top 10 Most Expensive Teams in The World including various sports not only football.

Here is the list of world’s top 10 most expensive teams

10. Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins

Basically an American football club, this stands 10th in the list of the top 10 most expensive teams around the worlds 2017. This team was established in 1932 as Boston braves and was changed to Washington Redskins in the year 1937. They wear uniforms of colours Burgandy, gold and white which gave them the nickname the gold and burgandy. It is also known as the redskins. It is a team owned by Daniel Snyder. They have several home fields in Boston and Washington D.C. This team competes in the national football league representing the east division of national football conference. They have won several league championship, Super Bowl championships etc.



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9. Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers

This team is a baseball team in the United States of America which has gained a very good name and a lot of followers and fans. In the year 1884, Brooklyn Atlantics was established which formed the base for the present Los Angeles Dodgers which was named in the year 1958. The team is commonly known as the Blue crew and also the boys in blue. They have won 6 World Series titles, several division titles and many other tournaments. It is owned by the Guggenheim baseball management. Being a member of national league, west division, this team competes in the major league baseball. First established in Brooklyn but later moved to LA.



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8. New York Knicks

New York Knicks

This team was established in the year 1942 as New York Knicks and is having the same name till date. It is located in Madison square garden, New York City. This team is under the ownership of the Madison Square Garden Company. They represent the eastern division of Atlantic. Very generally referred as The Knicks, this team is America’s most famous basketball team. This team has been a successful team and is a strong contender for the playoffs. They have won a total of 2 NBA championship titles and several division titles and conference titles. Brooklyn nets, Boston Celtics, Chicago bulls are it major rivals.



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7. New England Patriots


This is another American Football team which is a strong title contender and is also liked by a lot of people. Having its head quarters at Massachusetts, it was established in the year 1959, and played its first season in the year 1960. It is a part of the eastern division of the American football league. Under the ownership of Robert Kraft, this team has been showing a very good performance since the time it was established. Established as the Boston Patriots in the year 1960, it was later changed to New England Patriots in the year 1971. They have won 4 super bowl championships, 4 league championships, and several division championships.



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6. Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers

This is a basketball team of the United States of America which cones under the western division of the pacific conference. It was established in the year 1947 as Minneapolis Lakers which was later changed as Los Angeles Lakers in the year 1960. It has its arena at the Staples arena which they share with the Los Angeles clippers and Los Angeles kings. Jerry Bus Family trust holds the ownership of this basketball team. They have won over 30 conference titles and over 15 championships along with division titles. Their major rivals are Los Angeles clippers, Boston Celtic, San Antonio Spurs. Purple, white, gold and black are the colours of their uniforms.



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5. Manchester United

Manchester United
Manchester United

This is an internationally famous soccer club which is situated at Manchester, England. Established in the year 1878 as the Newton Heath Lyr F.C, it was later in the year 1902 when it got its name as Manchester United F.C. Famously known as the Red Devils, this club plays in the Barclay’s premier league. This team is owned by the Glazer family. They have their home ground in Old Trafford, Manchester. Red, white and blue are the team colours, with red being the home colour which gave them the name The Red Devils. They have won over 20 premier league titles, several FA cup titles, 3 championship titles and many other tournaments.

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4. F.C. Barcelona

 FC Barcelona Player Salaries List
FC Barcelona Player Salaries List

This team is one of the two most famous teams of the Spanish leagues along with Real Madrid. This club was established in the year 1899 as Football Club Barcelona and is continuing with the same name since them till date. Commonly known as Barca, this team is under the ownership of the club members. They have their home ground as Camp Nou. The major league in which this team competes is the La Liga. They have won over 20 La liga titles till date 12 Copa Del Rey, and many other titles and leagues. They have also won 5 championship titles. This team has been having rivalry with Real Madrid for a very long time.

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3. New York Yankees

New York Yankees

A professional baseball team in the United States of America, this is one of the leading baseball teams in the USA. They represent the east division in the league. This team was established in the year 1901 as Baltimore Orioles and later got the name New York Yankees in the year 1913. They have several nicknames including the yanks and Evil Empire. Their home pitch or the ball park is Yankee stadium. They have won over 25 World Series titles, over 35 AL pennants, and many division titles. This team is owned by the Yankee Global Enterprises. They have their rivalries with Subway series and Boston Red Sox.



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2. Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

This team was established in Texas in the year 1960. It played its first season in the same year. Silver, blue and white and the colours of this team. It runs under the Jones family with Jerry Jones being the owner. They are commonly known as the Big D, Doomsday defence and few other names. They have won about 5 league championships, over 10 conference championships and many division championships. Their home stadium is the AT&T stadium. It plays from the east division in the National football league. They have their major rivalry against Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Washington redskins.



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1. Real Madrid F.C

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Real Madrid to pay Large amount as fine over illegal payment

This club was established in the year 1902 as Real Madrid Football Club and is run under the same name till date. It is commonly known as RMFC. It plays under the La Liga. Based in Madrid, Spain, this club is one of the top soccer clubs in the world and is also a fan favourite. It is owned and managed by the club members. It is the world’s most earning club and also the most valuable club in the whole world. This team has won la liga 32 times which is a record, it has won around 20 Copa Del Rey titles and many other tournaments. It longest rivals are Atletico Madrid and Barcelona against whom the matches are known as El classico and El Derbi Madrileno.

So, these above are the world’s most expensive teams 2017.

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