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Richest DJ in Nigeria 2018 – The Highest Paid Dj in Nigeria

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The List Bellow Introduce you to the Top 5 Richest Dj in Nigeria – The Highest Paid Dj in Nigeria.

Richest DJ in Nigeria 2018

1 #DJ Jimmy Jatt

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DJ Jimmy Jatt

DJ Jimmy Jatt: He is Olauwaforijimi “Jimmy” Adewale Amu. DJ Jimmy Jatt is known as one of the pioneering Nigerian Djs, who had refused to rest on his oars. His interest in production of music and DJing piqued after the long years of trying to be signed on a record Label as a rapper. When he could not get a deal, he decided to be a DJ. He organizes a concert ‘ Jimmy’s Jump Off concert’. Jimmy Jatt won the Hip Hop World Hall of Fame award as a result of his contribution to Nigerian Hip-hop. Despite being a DJ, he had used the opportunity to release some of his raps.

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