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Opinion: Reasons Why Willian isn’t engaging Moses in the Game?

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Everytime Moses is in a good position, Willian seems not interested. Moses comes more alive after Willian was replaced and every game he’s not playing.

My opinion on Willian

He’s good, recovers the ball and moves the team up by holding the ball with his runs. The problem is his final third decisions, he’s supposed to be mostly in the right and always runs to the center or holds up when many, MANY times he’s had Moses open. Completely shuts the right wing.

Also, he makes a good transition when he recovers the ball, although he loses them often. (Kinda 50/50).

He isnt a liability and playing like this will surely make us champions. We cant afford to waste counters or any opportunity if we want to go far in Europe.

his awareness was lacking completely and as a result Moses was completely stifled

Compare this with how Moses looks with Pedro playing on the right and its scary how much of a difference it is

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