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PHOTOS: See The Horrible Thing Found in Woman Stomach after childbirth

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DOCTORS have removed a three pound hairball from a woman’s bowel after she complained of constant pain.


Suman Prasad, 25, had given birth to her first child just days earlier but after her pain would not subside her husband, Ram Prasad took her to Maharaja Yashwantrao Hospital in Indore in western India.

Doctors first thought she may be experiencing complications after her pregnancy but CT scans revealed a “mop” of hair in her bowel.

Dr Raj Kumar Mathur, the surgeon who removed the hair ball, said: “We first thought her uterus was hurt in the instrumental removal of placenta.

DOCTORS have removed a three pound hairball from a woman’s bowel

“We were deciding on a surgery but were shocked to find a huge perforation in her bowel.

“There was a massive cluster of hair lying in there. We conducted an open surgery and removed the three pound weighing entangled hair.

“It seems she had been chewing her own hair for a long time that eventually plummeted to form a cluster.”

Suman suffers from trichotillomania, often called Rapunzel Syndrome.

Trichotillomania is a rare condition where a person is compelled to pull their hair out.

While in many cases it involves the hair on a person’s head, sufferers can also pull out their eyebrows and eyelashes.

People with trichotillomania sometimes eat the hair they have pulled out.

DOCTORS have removed a three pound hairball from a woman’s

This can cause hairballs to form in the stomach or bowel and lead to serious complications like a blockage or hole in your digestive system, inflammation of the pancreas and jaundice caused by a blockage of the bile ducts.

It is an impulse-control disorder, a psychological condition where the person is unable to stop themselves carrying out a particular action.

Sufferers are overwhelmed by an intense urge to pull out their hair.

And this is combined with a growing tension until they do, followed by a sense of relief.

The condition tends to be diagnosed more commonly in girls than boys, and can cause negative feelings of guilt, shame and embarrassment.

DOCTORS have removed a three pound hairball from a woman’s


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