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P-square fight: P-Square Reportedly Resume Fight, Split Up

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There are emerging concerns that the fight between Paul and Peter Okoye of P-square may have been renewed. The twin brothers have been posting cryptic, passive and aggressive posts on their social media, sparking rumours that, once again, all is not well with the group. Moreover, the cancellation of their tour, has further made fans speculate that the brothers may have gone their separate ways. Peter Okoye who seems to be fuelling the rumours recently informed fans on his Instagram page that the brothers would no longer be performing at some concerts which they had earlier been booked for. Peter has also reportedly written a letter to their lawyer, Festus Keyamo seeking the termination of the P-square contract with a series of allegations made against his twin brother Paul Okoye and their elder brother/manager Jude Okoye, according to LIB.

In the letter dated September 21, Peter alleged that Paul has refused to work with him, despite all of his attempts to make their relationship work while Jude has threatened to kill his wife, Lola Omotayo. According to Peter, his twin Paul had cancelled the group’s North American tour without his approval. He also accused Paul of slandering both his wife and kids on social media. He added that they have been receiving threatening messages. In the letter, Peter also claimed that Jude had allegedly threatened to have a coffin for him if he attempted coming close to his house. Given that he cannot betray his wife and kids, Peter stated that he’s had enough of the squabble and is now opting out the adopted name ‘Mr P’. He further wished his brothers well in their respective careers.

See the letter below:

 Peter has also reportedly written a letter to their lawyer

Peter had recently unveiled his solo Youtube channel. While announcing the development on his Instagram page, Peter disclosed that he’s had the personal Youtube channel since last year but chose not to announce it. He wrote: “Had my VEVO channel for over a year and a half and I’ve never put it up, so be among the first to be notified with some Cool videos from the Koolest Dude. Pls feel free to subscribe to my VEVO Channel MrPVEVO Thanks so much#MrP #KoolestDude #coolitdown Cool it down Loading……… ”. It will also be recalled that for two years running, Peter has repeatedly stated that the group needs a new manager, as he is no longer comfortable with Jude as their manager but Paul wants Jude to continue as their handler. As a result of their feud, the multi-award winning singing duo did not release any song and did not perform at any concert for the most part of 2015 and 2016. The brothers, at different times, went on social media to denounce one another, with many of their fans pleading with them to bury the hatchet. At the height of the crisis, Paul recorded a song, ‘Call Heaven’, insinuating that if their mother, who used to be their manager, was alive, the crisis wouldn’t have degenerated to the level it did. Moreover, both brothers have established individual record labels. Peter signed Malcolm and DJ Switch to his P-Classic Records, while Paul invested a lot of effort in promoting the careers of Muno and Lucy, the new artistes signed to his Rudeboy Records. However, when the brothers made up, they seemed to stay action on their record labels.

As a result of the crisis, the twin brothers lost a lot of brand equity but they were lucky enough that when they made up, fans accepted them wholeheartedly and the songs they put out became hits. However, with this latest episode, some analysts and critics have argued that the brothers are pushing their luck too far.


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