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OPINION : Car fell inside river upon crossing bridge in Kogi

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Report reaching us from an angry citizen of the state about this situation. Quoted below is a message from him about the situation.

Hope they’re now happy since what there want is now happening. When will this government see it as a priority to safe the life of our people, oguma/Sheria bridge is killing our people.

The car show below in this picture is own by an indigene who reside in the city coming home for festive celebration. Stumble and fall inside the river upon trying to cross the wooden bridge with his car. Thanks to our able youth who were there to safe life immediately, but even with that the driver and three other in the car were said to be in critical condition.

This is the same wooden bridge an elected house of representative member representing the LG at the federal level and the LG administrator both fighting for who will construct or maintain, while the state government with their usually propaganda and political deceive fullness claim and assure us that contractors will get back to work immediately after the end of the raining period up till this moment contractors are not yet to be seeing at the site.

I am pleading with the government to come to the rescue of our people and get this bridge construct the suffering and life threatening this bridge is cursing to our people daily is unbearable.

Sheria is the commercial city of the LG area and this bridge is in between, the important of this bridge to our people is beyond description, it’s also the LG higher revenue generation area. Of the ten wards in the LG this bridge alone connect to six of the wards out of the tens many more among this reason should be why government must shift their priority to complete this bridge for the people and the people will forever remain greatiful and indebted to them. Allah ya bada iko

God bless bassa LG
God bless kogi state
God bless the nation

Merry charisms and a prosperous new year in advance


Oguma sheria bridge

Oguma sheria bridge

What do you have to say about this situation? Voice it out to to the government. Comment bellow

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  1. ishah says

    Let the youth protest you have leaders to listen to you…

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