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OMG: The Beef Between Yung6ix and Akpororo Just Got Worst

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This Is What Yung6ix Said To Akpororo After He Blasted Him For Spending N3.9M On Tuesday.
A new war is raging between Akpororo and Yung6ix, and it has already degenerated into a nasty situation after the rapper’s DJ dragged the comedian’s family into messy affair.
Drama started The comedian recently mocked the rapper because he claimed to have spent over N3.6milliion on drinks in the club.
Recall we had earlier reported that popular rapper Yung6ix claimed to have spent over N3.6milliion on drinks in the club.
Since then, many have reacted to the news negatively.
Comedian Akpororo went further as he took to stage to mock Yung6ix during a recent performance. He said instead of spending that money on drinks, why doesn’t he spend the money to get himself a hit song?
Obviously, Yung6ix wasn’t having any of it and he took to Twitter to speak his mind.
Here are his tweets below:

Yung6ix and Akpororo
Yung6ix and Akpororo

Surprisingly, DJ Timmy Yung6ix’s hype man also came out to share some damning secrets about Akpororo and his wife.

DJ TIMMY, Yung6ix and Akpororo

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