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Mesut Ozil Message will make you cry but love him more – Sad to Read

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Mesut Ozil & Arsenal’s ‘crisis’
Mesut Ozil has taken to social media on Saturday to talk about Arsenal’s “crisis” right now.

Ozil has chosen to write a long post on Facebook on his four year anniversary as an Arsenal player.

Back in 2013, Ozil joined the Gunners from Real Madrid.

He’s now in the final year of his contract, and one of the noticeable aspects of Arenal’s difficult summer centred on how few clubs came in for Ozil.

The Arsenal playmaker is now on international duty with Germany. And in his Facebook post, he’s discussed how his German team mates have been quizzing him about Arsenal’s “crisis”.

Ozil wants to celebrate

Ozil has taken the opportunity to try to dispel myths that everything is going wrong at the Gunners. He wrote:

We have achieved a lot in our four years together. Three of the 13 FA Cup victories have been accomplished in the past four years, with the other ten taking 75 years for the club to win.

This is in addition to our three Community Shield wins. After all, six titles in four years is quite something. However, this only makes myself and the team even more disappointed for not playing a role in the title race at the end of last season – this is something we hope to change this year.

Ozil v his haters

Ozil isn’t bling to the flak he gets in England.

Indeed, he’s addressed his haters straight on. And that’s included ex-pros of the Gunners, who have voiced opinions on social media on TV.

One presumes Ozil is attacking the likes of Ian Wright and Thierry Henry, when he wrote:

Personally I’ve had to accept a lot of criticism during my time in London. ‘Too expensive, too greedy, bad body language, and lacking fight’ – this is what people have said about me.

Some of these comments are made by those who do not know me, some are made by former players – both successful and unsuccessful during their time here at the club.

Although criticism is something that all football players have to deal with, I nevertheless expected legends to behave like legends – my advice to these former Gunners: stop talking and start supporting!

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Mesut Ozil talks about Arsenal’s ‘crisis’ on Facebook
Mesut Ozil talks about Arsenal’s ‘crisis’ on Facebook

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