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How to make money blogging in nigeria 2018 – The best Method

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Most of you’ll probably think making money from blog is easy, well sadly you’re wrong! Today, I will share with you how to really make money blogging in nigeria 2018 !

I am sorry to say that I won’t be showing you how to make money from your blog selling physical products that just sounds like a job to me, not the Internet Lifestyle! Though am into it too. Here is how I make proper money from my blogs! Which have sold out for a reasonable amount.

Don’t take any of these tips for granted, because it is real and working

What Is A Blog?
A Blog is an Online Journal. It is best explained as a book which you can write. It is a means of communication between you ‘the Blogger’ and the audience to which your writing is dedicated to.

Who Is a Blogger?
Anyone who own or runs a blog is a blogger.In as much as you write articles on a blog or you own a blog ,then you are worthy of being called a blogger. So next time you see a blogger, don’t mistake him for a yahoo yahoo guy.

How Can I Start A Blog and Make Money Blogging?
Are you ready to become a real blogger?if you are not,then the rest of this article might be useless to you.
Let Me Tell You a low Personal story. I Started blogging when i was in Senior Secondary 2,(almost 9 years ago),before then,i do engage in PTC. I Started my first wapsite on a free platform( yes just like ( now  using a mobile phone. So blogging was completely new to me then. For my first one year,i made a lot of silly mistakes which i still see some bloggers doing and which you might also do,those mistakes made my first blog useless and i couldn’t earn any kobo through out my first year of blogging. I mean i was updating a blog for more than 365 days and i didnt make any cent in revenues. It is not easy but its always pay at the end, My Advice is Always Learn new ways of doing things and Be patience

How to make money blogging in nigeria 2018


The secret to advertising deals is, not to treat them like advertisers but to treat them as partners. Most bloggers will find advertisers and will add the advert to their blog and that’s it, then at the end of the month they have to find a new advertiser. What I usually advice is I reach out to every advertiser; I express to them how important they are to you and see what else you can do for them. By doing this you usually manage to up sell them with more advertising like a portable banner or an extra mobile ppc and that creates a long term partnership. The benefit of this is every month you don’t have to look for new advertisers because they are happy and get results. The biggest loss in revenue for bloggers is the time where they have no advertisers, so keeping every advertiser for as long as possible is really important!

Helpful tips: when reach out to new advertiser, offer them something for FREE, perhaps a review, text link or a mention on your website just to make advertising on your website look superior to advertising on any other website.

A really popular WordPress Plugin for managing advertising and statistics is OIO Publisher. It is an ad manager with a focus on performance, control and ease of use. Serve advertising on your blog or website and keep 100% of the revenue you bring in. This software is a no brainer for any new or advanced blogger because you don’t need to know any coding, it is all done automatically for you!





Every time you are recommending a product or service, you could be earning money! Over 60% of income comes from selling products on commission, it’s so easy but the only down side is you are not guaranteed to make money but with advertising banners you are. A good thing to do is to have multiple sources of income for your blog, I split it up into 3 or 4 methods.

protein shakes, business cards and hotels.

Finding affiliate programs to run on your site is also easy, but won’t be discussing that now.



Depending on your blog niche, Google Adsense and other PPC networks can be your saviour! For those of you who don’t know PPC means Pay Per Click and so every time someone clicks on an advert on your website, you will be paid for it, this could be from 5 cent to $5 depending on your niche.

The trick with PPC adverts is where you place them on the website. You will get more results if you place them right above each blog post and at the top of your side, take a look at my blog and see how I have my adverts placed. I highly recommend copying that model.

Another tip that I have recently picked up is if you have Adsense on your blog and you see the same advert promoted, time over time it’s because they are getting results. What you could do is sign up for their affiliate program and try to promote it yourself and see if you get better results then the PPC.











Just like selling physical products or digital products, you can sell professional services to others and they will pay you.

Selling services online involves helping another person on the internet to achieve one to more goals. It’s one of the best ways to make money online.

Should You Start Selling Services Online?

Yes you should.

 There are various services you can sell online; these list below is gotten from MMO Blog;

  1. Writing and Translations: (very popular) – Articles & Blog Posts, Creative Writing, Translations, Proofreading & Editing, Transcription, Business Copywriting, Resumes & Cover Letters, Research & Summaries, Press Releases, Legal Writing.
  2. Graphic & Designs: These are Cartoons & Caricatures, Logo Design, Illustration, Book Covers & Packaging, Photoshop Editing, Presentation Design, Flyers & Posters, Business Cards & Stationery, Banner Ads, Social Media Design, D & 2D Models,  Web & Mobile Design, Invitations, T-Shirts, Vector Tracing, Infographics
  3.  Digital marketing: These could be – Web Analytics, Domain Research, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Traffic, Video Advertising, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, SEM, Local Listings, Influencer Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Mobile Advertising
  4. Video and Animation:  these are – Whiteboard & Explainer Videos, Spokespersons & Testimonials, Intros & Animated Logos, Promotional & Brand Videos, Lyric & Music Videos, Editing & Post Production, Video Greetings, Animated Characters & Modeling.
  5. Music and Audio: These could be – Mixing & Mastering, Jingles & Drops, Voice-overs, Sound Effects, Session Musicians, Producers & Composers, Singers & Songwriters
  6. Programming and tech: WordPress, Web Programming, Mobile Apps & Web, Website Builders & CMS, Convert Files, Ecommerce, User Testing, Databases, Desktop applications, Data Analysis & Reports, Support & IT
  7.  Advertising:  Hold Your Sign, Flyers & Handouts, Human Billboards, Pet Models, Outdoor Advertising, Radio, Music Promotion, Banner Advertising.
  8. Business: Business Plans, Career Advice, Market Research, Presentations, Virtual Assistant, Business Tips, Branding Services, Financial Consulting, Legal Consulting.
  9. Lifestyle: Animal Care & Pets, Relationship Advice, Diet & Weight Loss, Health & Fitness, Makeup, Styling & Beauty, Online Private Lessons, Astrology & Fortune Telling, Spiritual & Healing, Cooking Recipes, Parenting Tips, Travel
  10. Gifts: Greeting Cards, Unusual Gifts, Arts & Crafts, Handmade Jewellery, Gifts for Geeks, Postcards, Recycled Crafts.
  11. Fun and Bizarre:  – Your Message On…, Extremely Bizarre, Celebrity Impersonators, Daredevils & Stunts, Pranks, Dancers, Just for Fun.


With that I think I have being of help to your problems to some extent, but there are more ways of making money from your blog though. Anyway those are my most trusted.

If you need more light on them please make comment below and surely I will reply as soon as possible


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