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Lionel Messi New contract at Barcelona leaked

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– Lionel Messi’s new contract will see him earn more than Cristiano Ronaldo

– La Pulga will him earn a staggering €100 million (£89m) a year until 2021

– He will be paid £10.7m if Barcelona win the Champions League

Lionel Messi’s contract which he signed back in August amid much fanfare has been leaked with details of the contract showing the Argentine will be earning far more than Cristiano Ronaldo. Football Leaks, in partnership with French outlet Mediapart published the exact details of the contract online.
The 30-year-old’s new contract could see him earn a staggering €100 million (£89m) a year until 2021.
His net income is set at £44.5m which equates to more than double the amount of Cristiano Ronaldo while in comparison, Neymar’s net annual earnings is set at £33m. Messi earns a fixed £63m gross of which 15 percent comes from image rights and a loyalty bonus of £62m if he does not leave Barcelona before the end of his contract.
There are also a series of bonus clauses which will see Messi top up his already huge earnings. If Messi plays 60 percent of the games, he’ll pocket a further £1.7m gross with another £10.7m if Barcelona win the Champions League. It was initially reported that Messi would pocket €500k-a-week in his new deal. It all contributes to the Argentine sensation earning around £1.7m when everything is considered.

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