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Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette has been discussing life in the Premier League.The France international told SFR Sport, as covered by the Independent, about his start to life in England and admitted that one thing has surprised him in particular – the nature of the refereeing decisions.

“The refereeing decisions [still surprise me]. Sometimes I think it is a bit dangerous. But then I see that nobody is shocked, so I tell myself it must be normal.”

Lacazette has made a flying start since his arrival in North London. He has demonstrated his quality on several occasions and has established himself as a key player in Arsene Wenger’s plans as he continues to push on with a 3-4-3 formation.

The 26-year-old has netted four goals from his opening seven games in the Premier League, and has been improving as the games have gone by.

He discussed the measures he is taking to improve his game, and insisted that he is continuing to do his homework and looking to find aspects he must work on to kick on with the Gunners.

“I have not totally adapted yet, there are things that still surprise me, but I am trying. I’ve watched quite a few matches to understand English football.”

“I watch quite a lot of my matches with Arsenal and when I look back and see what I didn’t do right, I try to learn from it, which hopefully facilitates my progression.”

Lacazette will hope to continue his positive form after the international break.

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