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Nigeria supermodel, Aliyu Habeebat Bonori popularly known as “Queenbeebat “ turned on and Share Her incredible Success Stories with 9GIST.COM She has indeed created quite a stir in the middlebet Region of the country, launching what became known as Queenbeebat initiative (an initiative that kick against rape,child abduction).

We will be taking a look at QueenBeebat Life as a model, how it all started and where she is heading to in the nearest future if God permit.


ALIYU HABEEBAT (born 31st October) is a Nigerian Model. QueenBeebat hails from Kogi State was born on 31st October, in kwara state, Nigeria. A graduate from Kogi state polytechnic, Currently doing her PGD at University of Abuja Nigeria. She has being the favorite model in the region for almost a decade now. A Fashion designer, an entrepreneur and also an anticipated Politician.

Early Life and Career

She attended Bishop Delise College Lokoja,where She obtained her “O” level Result, she was the miss college then (2005). Then proceeded to Kogi State Polytechnic(KSP) for Her OND & HND She was also The Face of KSP of her session (2010). Three years letter she after a successful conclusions of her Educational program at KSP, She Became the Miss Kogi (2013),Miss Kogi finest 2014 and Queen of Aso Nigeria tourism 2015. She is the founder of Queenbeebat initiative (an initiative that kick against rape,child abduction). QueenBeebat confesses to 9GIST.COM that she has a dream of Going into politics in the nearest Feature.


What Does She Do Aside Being a Model

  1. QueenBeebat is an entrepreneur
  2. A fashion designer
  3. A baker and a Makeup artist.
  4. An event manager

Which other Celebrities She Admire Most

  1. Diana Spencer
  2. Naomi Campbell
  3. Cindy Crawford
  4. Elle macpherson
  5. Oprah Winfrey
  6. Laurel Hutton
  7. Mariam babangida
  8. Berverly johnson


Projects which She Has Embarked to Touch Life’s Positively in Nigeria

 Queenbeebat initiative
Queenbeebat initiative
  1. In 2010 she gave scholarships to 7 students for their OND
  2. Miss Kogi 2013: She focused on the less privileged,empower women, a day free health care for the needy, parties for the children
  3. In 2014: She donated pumping machines to Her immediate community
  4. 2015: She Started Her Own foundation
  5. 2016: Queenbeebat initiative ( campaigning against rape & child abduction till date )
is the founder of Queenbeebat initiative (an initiative that kick against rape,child abduction)
The founder of Queenbeebat initiative (an initiative that kick against rape,child abduction)


Her Future Projects

  1. Girl child education
  2. Building Her own orphanage home
  3. Going into politics
  4. Going fully into charity
  5. Starting A Fashion Home (Queenbeebat Fashion House)


Lovely Saying from Queenbeebat


Good things don’t come easy. Be focused and always be motivated

                  Be strong & courageous

Just Determined & put Your trust in God.

                 Don’t sell Your body for cheap popularity.

Trust me with hard work & determination You will get there.






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