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Ex-VP Atiku releases Surprising New Year message to Nigerians

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– Atiku Abubakar expresses his wish for 2018 as Nigeria enters the new year
– The former vice president want the country’s citizens to be more united than ever so as to make it great – He also tells Nigerians what sacrifices he would make in 2018
Nigeria’s former vice president and current senior member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, has released his New Year message saying he hopes 2018 is for Nigerians to be united for the nation to move forward to greatness In a statement by his media office, Atiku who recently left the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), promised that he would devote 2018 to the emancipation ‎of Nigerians from the present suffering in the country. “It is my hope that this year will bring out the empowerment of Nigerians and that through increased job opportunities Nigeria will be working again.
“It is my hope that all Nigerians will live in a safe and secure country. “It is my hope that all Nigerians will live in an economy that provides them the quality of life they deserve and our youth have the opportunity to receive an education that sets the standard for all of Africa and the world. “My commitment in this new year is to help ensure that Nigeria will rise again and that the hopes of all Nigerians become a reality.

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