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The 3 Disadvantages of Tstv Decoder to note before purchasing

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The Pay-as-you-watch cable tv has been a threat to other cable tv since the launch date due to its amazing features like wifi internet access with 4.5G network speed, free 20GB worth of data for video calling and showing all EPL (English Premier League) matches, Champions League, Serie A, Bundesliga, at a very affordable subscription fee. There are a lot of advantages why you need to get Tstv Decoder, but these 3 basic Disadvantages of Tstv Decoder to take note before buying a tstv decoder.

Tstv Decoder in Nigeria: Disadvantages of Buying a Tstv Decoder

  • Numbers of Channel

When Tstv decoder was launched, the part of the announcement made is that users will have access to over 200 channels but I believe that announcement was made to promote the new indigenous Cable Tv. We further heard that tstv channels will be 70 in number. But one thing I’m sure of is that tstv channels might be less than 70. This is a new cable tv, don’t expect it to be perfect. More channels might be added as time goes on

  • Tstv Network Varies

Another cons of tstv decoder is that not all decoder will support 4.5G network speed. The decoder is of two type, one is bigger while the other is flat. At this junction, it’s left to you to decide on which one to go for – that of 4.5G or the one that supports 3G network only. Remember, there will be a difference in tstv decoder price because of this.

  • Limitation on Subscription Break

Like I said earlier, the pay-as-you-watch feature is an advantage but the downside of it is that it is limited to a particular period of time depending on your subscription plan. For a monthly subscription, you have the freedom to pause it for just 7 days (a week) in a month. That means you can use it for a month and a week before your subscription will finally expire and you can subscribe again.


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