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CRIME: Badoo Ritual cult gang murder lovers in Ojodu Berger

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Two lovers have reportedly been killed by suspected members of the deadly Badoo ritual cult gang who struck at their apartment in the Ojodu Berger area of Ogun State, Punch reports.

Total Media reports that the victims were killed in the heinous method associated with the gang where they would use a grinding stone to smash the heads of their victims after which they will wipe the brain membrane and blood with their ritual handkerchief which is later sold for as much as N500,000.

The incident allegedly happened at a storey building located on Hassan Abiodun Street, off Ojodu Berger, in the Ifo Local Government Area of the state.

Many of the residents who had trooped to catch a glimpse of the murdered couple, were said to have broken down in tears as policemen from the Ojodu Abiodun Division took away the remains of the deceased for onward transfer to the General Hospital in Sagamu.

Many of the residents wailed as the corpses were brought out of the room and wrapped in wrappers.

A resident narrated that the victims were to be officially married in December and they had printed their wedding invitation cards and informed other residents of their planned wedding.

“The lady recently lost her father and the man she was to marry only came on a visit. She was a tall, beautiful lady and was also pregnant,” one resident said.

Another resident said none of the tenants knew what happened until daybreak.

“There is a police officer who lives next door to the deceased’s Boy’s Quarter apartment. He did not hear anything. It is very sad and this development will create panic in the area.”

It was gathered that the assailants tore the window net in the apartment to gain entry and thereafter smashed the lovers’ heads in the dead of night.

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