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Arsenal legend Message to Ozil is Insensitive But the Truth

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Mesut Ozil has courted more trouble for himself with his recent outburst, directed at Arsenal legends.

Former Arsenal forward Ian Wright has hit out at Ozil; labeling his rant as “laughable”

Wright responded angrily to the near 700-word rant Ozil aimed at former club heroes in which he called for them to “start supporting” the team and “behave like legends”.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, the 53-year-old, who took the Instagram rant personally, said he can’t understand why Ozil hasn’t signed a new contract if he is so passionate about people criticising Arsenal.

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Wright added that in the past he has defended both Ozil and manager Arsene Wenger but that at the moment they are deserving of their intense criticism.

Wright said: “Instead of coming out and having a go at the so called former players in respect of what they’re saying.

“We’re not talking about former players coming out and criticising a team that is charging up the league and winning leagues.

“Yes we’ve won the FA Cup and when they’ve done that they’ve been rightfully praised for that, but we’re talking about a team that’s under-performing, and not just a team, people in the boardroom, the manager with his decisions, everybody.

“I’d rather see Mesut Ozil with his ability – and I have been on this show so many times, and I have protected him and I’ve protected Arsene Wenger – sign a contract.

“If you feel that strongly about people criticising the team – because you’re integral to Arsenal’s success and you’re not signing a deal, and you’re probably going to continue to hide behind the fact that [Alexis] Sanchez is the one that everybody is going to say ‘is he going to go yet?’

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“Why haven’t you signed yet? That’s what I’d say to you, if you feel that strongly, why haven’t you signed yet? Having a go at me, I’m being neutral.”

Host Kelly Cates interrupts to remind Wright that Ozil’s words weren’t personally directed at him, to which he replies: “Am I a former Arsenal player who is in the media? Am I a pundit?

“Who else is he talking about, Thierry [Henry]? Dicko [Lee Dixon]? I’m sure they feel the same way, we all feel the same way because we are all passionate and all love the club.

“What are we supposed to say, that they’re unbelievable, and in the board room, and the boss, and the way they’re playing?

“Because they’re not. I can’t understand it, a player that is not actually performing on the pitch is calling people out, and he’s not signing a contract, it’s laughable.”

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