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15 Essential Secrets about Guys all Girls need to Know

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What do Girls Like in a Guy and Out of A Relationship?

Pondering how to make your boyfriend happy. Don’t worry we got you protected here are 15 Essential Secrets about Guys all Girls need to Know.

  1. P**nography

We love watching p**n. Not often, but we do. And we want this to be cool with you. In fact, we’d be pretty happy to watch p**n with you. (But we’ll probably wait for you to bring that one up.)


  1. Spy

We occasionally check out other women. Oh come on—don’t act surprised. I’m sure you do that too. Haven’t you slobber at the site of  WIZKIDs OR DAVIDOs tattooed. Can we all just accept the fact that there’s still something in our brains that lights up when we see a healthy specimen of the opposite ***? It’s innate, totally out of our hands, and more importantly, it doesn’t matter. Our attention span for another woman’s plunging neckline or short skirt. We’re still far more interested in it.

  1. Relevant conversation

We’re happy when you bring up the important topics. We may seem to angry but we won’t show it, when you bring up kids, marriage, or gossips about your friends. But the truth is, we respect it when you initiate a big conversation. Talk is important, and we know it, but we find it all too easy to procrastinate on the milestone discussions. So when you bring it up—especially if you do it casually, and with a genuine interest about how we feel—you reassure us that you’re the right girl for us. And as long as we’re being honest here.

  1. Jealousy

We have a jealousy factor, even more than the girls. Trust me we can get jealous much faster than you girls. We notice when other guys check you out. It stirs something in us that falls somewhere between pride and jealousy, and it triggers a protective machismo every time.  Sometimes we are happy while sometimes we feel very jealous about it

We also can’t stand with our girlfriends talks about their ex lovers or ex boyfriends.


  1. Compliments

We like compliments. Proper men know that when a woman looks great, he tells her. When she just blew his mind in bed, he says so. And even though we don’t let on, we love to get those compliments, too. From the woman we love, a little reassurance every so often is clutch. And the more outrageous and unbelievable, the better. Something like, “You’re the most handsome man on the planet” or “You are so good on bed, it should be preserved in bronze for future anthropologists to study” will always make us smile.

  1. First Time S3X

We were nervous the first time we had s3x with you. Sure, we were playing it cool. But deep down, we were telling ourselves, “This girl is awesome—don’t climax too early, don’t wait too long, don’t make any weird noises, don’t make that dumb O face.

  1. Number 1

When we are genuinely in love with you, we always wants to be the only man in your life. We just love to be number 1

secrets about Guys all Girls need to Know
secrets about Guys all Girls need to Know
  1. Male Friends

We hate When You speaking to your male friends, when you are with Us, We feels bitter. Seriously we don’t even like it when you keep too much male friends.

We are more emotional than girls. We respond to breakups in relationship we might just claim to be strong but we are not. Deeply we feel so sad.

  1. Problems

If we share our problems with you, it simply means you are an indispensable part of our life, and we can trust you more than our self. We believe in seeking advice from a girl, than from a boy.

  1. Bragging

We love to brag about things.

  1. Calls

If a man promises to call and he doesn’t call back, it doesn’t mean he is busy or he had lost your digits. It means that he is not interested in calling you back.

  1. Body Temperature

The body temperature of a man is higher than a woman, so next time when you feel cold, go and sleep next to him. You will get the feel of a portable heater, which snores to the glory.

The body temperature of a man is higher than a woman,
The body temperature of a man is higher than a woman,
  1. Gossips

Beware! We guys can spread the gossip much faster than girls. We gossips a lot too, mostly about girls.


  1. Understanding

If a guy asks you to leave him alone, then you need to do the opposite of what he says at that moment. Stay and show how valuable he is for you.

  1. Flirting

Even if we are flirting with random girls, but when we go off to sleep, we don’t forget to remember the one we love truly.





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